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Muse to the likes of Harley Weir and Petra Collins, artist Menuez started the Luck You  collective in her native New York aged 15. This year, the ragtag group of young guns have captivated the city’s serious art scene and internet kids alike. Under Luck You’s umbrella, Menuez has painted, sculpted and created films by breathing new life into found objects, spaces and ideas. After getting “hooked on film”, she’s gone on to co-write and design costumes for a fantasy film with director Maiko Endo – all while preparing for her second lead role in upcoming feature My First Kiss and the People Involved.

What was your defining pop culture moment of 2014?

India Salvör Menuez: Going to LA for a day to shoot the cover of Pharrell’s Girl. I was in the middle of a film project out in Iceland with super-limited internet access, and I remember getting the message from Cass Bird and thinking at first it was a joke.

How would you sum up what you do in a sentence?

India Salvör Menuez: I am an artist openly in the midst of figuring it out for the long run.

What’s your favourite song and movie of 2014?

India Salvör Menuez: I hate picking favourites but I’ll try. “Young Girls” by Princess Nokia. I know it didn’t come out this year but I saw it this year: Holy Motors by Leos Carax.

How do you think that style and pop culture will change in 2015?

India Salvör Menuez: I am hoping the change is towards becoming more ecological and gender-bendy free.

In 15 words, sum up what we can expect from you in 2015.

India Salvör Menuez: Long walks. Working with my hands. Sure to surprise. Vibrating sincerity. Doing my best. Loving.

What’s the most exciting thing about the music/film/fashion industry today?

India Salvör Menuez: The cross-pollination.

What new skill did you learn this year?

India Salvör Menuez: How to say no.

Who's an unsung cultural hero that you discovered this year?

India Salvör Menuez: I felt always peripherally aware of Kembra Pfahler, but never really discovered her and her work till this year – partially through the community Know-Wave radio has exposed me to, and also through my dear friend (and amazing artist) Claire Christerson, who strongly sang Kembra as a hero and just recently performed for her first time as a Karen Black girl at The Hole. I had my 7-year-old sister for the weekend and brought her to the performance at the future feminist show there, and it felt like a really important moment for both of us. Lola, my sister, was so stoked on it. So many good vibes at that show! Availabalism has really inspired me this year, and been a helpful tool in crafting performance-based work.

What's the most surprising thing we'd find out if we looked at your phone?

India Salvör Menuez: Maybe that it's an iPhone 3, lol jk. I don’t know, is it weird I have emoji's in almost every contact's name? Or that the only app I have is Insta? My siblings are always disappointed I don’t have any games.

Who should have been at number one on the Dazed 100?

India Salvör Menuez: Eckhaus Latta.

India wears denim corduroy jacket by Forte Forte

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