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Are Ben Affleck and J.Lo recreating ‘Jenny From The Block’?

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a number of similarities between new photos of the reunited 00s power couple and the hit 2002 music video

Yesterday (July 25), Jennifer Lopez appeared to confirm our wildest dreams: that 00s power couple Bennifer is back on. Rumours have been swirling about J.Lo’s reunion with former partner Ben Affleck since they were spotted together in April, but now Jen has made it official by sharing a snap of them kissing on Instagram.

As paparazzi pics of the pair once again flood the TL, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a number of similarities between the new photos and the scenes from J.Lo’s 2002 Affleck-starring music video for “Jenny From The Block”, leading to theories that the couple are recreating the clip ahead of its 20th anniversary next year.

Comparing recent photos with stills from the video on Instagram, comedy writer Caissie St. Onge outlined the evidence behind her theory that J.Lo and Affleck are “giving us a shot-for-shot remake” of “Jenny From The Block”. She wrote: “In May, Ben was seen wearing the watch J.Lo gave him IN the orig ‘JFTB’ video! On June 14, B & J were snapped at a dinner together, by paparazzi… everything at that dinner, including the angle the paps were shooting from, (was) very similar to the shots of B & J at dinner being secretly shot by paps in ‘JFTB’ vid! Jen even seems to be wearing a similar up/down hairdo.”

St. Onge goes on to say that her theory was practically confirmed when the pair appeared on a yacht – a key scene from the 2002 video. “Ben, Jen, yacht, bikini. Kissing. Did he kiss her ass on the yacht? I don’t know, I guess we’ll find out when the video comes out, which I am now 98 per cent sure must be happening.”

If the pair aren’t remaking the video for its 20th anniversary, St. Onge says “the only other explanation is they are subconsciously reenacting every scene from it without realising because it was such a pivotal time in their lives”. 

J.Lo and Affleck met on the set of rom-com Gigli in 2001, before getting engaged the following year. In 2003, they postponed their wedding after being concerned about the “excessive media attention” it was receiving. However, by 2004, they’d called off the engagement. The pair went on to marry and have children with other partners, before rekindling their romance in April this year.

Watch the happy couple in the 2002 “Jenny From The Block” video and see their possible remake attempts below.

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