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Dazed Colour Profiles

Dazed Colour Profiles

Photography General Info
Single page: 230 x 300mm
Spread: 640 x 300mm
Bleed: 3mm on all sides (if supplying images for full page use)

Resolution: At least 300dpi at the size required for your story

Please supply your images in the following profiles:

Black and White profile: ISOcoated_v2_290BlackWhite_eci.icc 
Colour profile: ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc

You can download the profiles from the links above.
We are really happy to help with any questions about this, please just call or email.

Match Proofs
If you are supplying digital files, please supply match proofs of your images, IN PROFILE, to the address below.
If you supply proofs that are not in the correct profile it makes it much harder and sometimes impossible to match your colours.
If you don’t supply any proofs at all we have no reference as to what your colour should look like.
We prefer GMG proofs please.

Photographic Prints
We can scan your photographic prints and match the colour.

Video / Film
We will convert your file here for use.

Please send files no larger than 200MB.
The best format is mp4 with H.264 compression.

username: photographers / password: Photo2163

Please upload your files to the relevant issue folder

Contact and Address for Match Proofs
For any questions about this information please contact: 

Lauren Ford
Dazed & Confused
112–116 Old Street
+44 (0)207 549 6834