Zegna Unrestricted

In partnership with Zegna

Zegna’s new fragrance series XXX - Pronounced ‘Triple Stitch’ - is all about doing things differently, as the revered Italian house presents a trifecta of scents that go against everything that came before. 

In celebration of XXX’s debut, the Italian label has gathered together three creative rulebreakers to put their spin on the scents. Below, GK Lewis, Jordun Love, and Demitre Sullivan demonstrate the ways they break down boundaries, and open up about what makes them feel free.

GK Lewis

GK Lewis is intent on going against the curve, so who better to showcase Zegna’s boundary-pushing new fragrances? In a new short film, the actor, model, and musician goes deep on staying true to himself. “It’s all about being our authentic, natural selves,” he reveals. “I feel like the more authentic we are, the more we break the mould.” 

Jordun Love

“Honesty, intention, and fearlessness,” says Jordun Love. “Those are the qualities I make sure I always live by when it comes to my expression of self.” Here, the rising model and dancer shares the pioneering creatives who inspire him, his beginnings in dance, and breaking down barriers through movement. 

Demitre Sullivan

Demitre  Sullivan started dancing when he was five and never stopped, making history as one of the first male African American principal dancers with the California Contemporary Ballet. “Do what you love with purpose and passion,” he advises. “That’s when I have the most fun.”