Dazed Live Talent 45

Eddie Otchere, photographer, educator and Dazed+Labs curator, hosts a hands-on photography and zine-making class

Now in its third year, Dazed+Labs is back – this time at Dazed Live. 

Hosted by Dazed+Labs curator, photographer and educator Eddie Otchere, the two days of workshops will encompass hands-on photography classes, a pop-up dark room, zine-making and will also give each person the chance to step into the roles that surround the photographer, such as stylists, art directors and creative directors.

“Much of our learning is to understand the art and techniques embodied in photography. Our studio shoots are essentially the culmination and application of all the art theory and professional practice [students] have been adopting,” explains Otchere. “Much of the apprenticeships in professional photography occur when you become an assistant, working in photo studios. Without this incredible opportunity, there's no way the students can fully appreciate how much of the business of photography occurs when a team of creatives come together to fulfil a commercial goal.”

Please note spaces for this session are limited per day. Keep your eye out for your chance to attend.

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