Dazed Live Talent 38

Create your own Jawara Alleyne x Dazed merch with CSM grad, Fashion East newcomer and designer behind the Rihanna blunt dress

Don't miss your chance to customise, create and mash-up official limited edition Dazed Live merch with Jawara Alleyne, while learning more about his his signature process of designing through subtraction.

Interdisciplinary artist and designer (and Dazed100-er) Jawara Alleyne's research into identity is rooted in his background growing up between Jamaica, The Cayman Islands and London.

His work questions modern masculinity and identity, with a design philosophy that delicately contrasts concepts that might appear unrelated. This curation of narratives through the significance and importance of differences is the key element behind Alleyne’s ethos.

Through the balancing act of Caribbean Mythologies such as Rastafarian mysticism and pirate folklore, Alleyne weaves stories that meander through the present and the past often arriving at possible futures and further setting those futures back in the now.

All equipment and materials will be provided.

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