Dazed Live Talent 26

Join Dazed cover star, British-Gambian rapper Pa Salieu, for an afternoon takeover showcasing his Afrikan Rebel project featuring screenprinting, DJ sets and a special live performance at Dazed Studios

A special takeover with Dazed cover star, Dazed100-er and Coventry’s mutant-rap renegade Pa Salieu. 

“Fundamentally Afrikan Rebel is about being proud and loud about where you come from in. For me that is Africa. Growing up in the UK especially having spent my early years in Gambia wasn’t always easy being black and especially not black African with an African accent, but I have always been taught to be proud of who I am and have never shied away from that fact for better or for worse,” says Pa.

Subverting and putting a positive spin on the word ’rebel’, this special takeover, featuring screenprinting, DJ sets and a special live performance celebrates the multitalented rapper’s roots. 

”Those figures through history that have fought against the odds to stand up for what they believe in have always intrigued and inspired me,” he says. ”‘Rebel’ is a mindset that helps keep me strong and I hope I can encourage others to be vocal about their beliefs and stand up for what they feel is right. My Afrikan Rebel series is a movement which I hope can allow me to connect with others with a similar mindset and gives a platform for me to experiment with influences and inspirations from my culture and others from the great continent of Africa.”

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