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Dazed Beauty covers

Announcing cover stars Alexa Demie, Grimes, Alton Mason and Lily McMenamy

Must be the season of the witch

Dazed Beauty is one year old! Over the past year, Dazed Beauty has been a space to document, deconstruct, and experiment with beauty in all its forms, in every dimension.  From 3D scanning Kate Moss’s head to building custom algorithms to merge with Kylie Jenner’s face, at Dazed Beauty we are constantly striving to put individuality, self-expression and innovation first.

To celebrate our birthday, Dazed Beauty has launched a new campaign: Witch Week. Inspired by the etymology of the word glamour, the origins of which are rooted in the old Scottish word ‘gramarye’ denoting a spell that would affect the eyesight of the beholder, making objects or people appear beautiful, our weird and wondrous campaign is dedicated to magick, transformation and, of course, all things witchy. 

At the centre of Witch Week are four magical, moving digital covers. First up, there’s the queen of witchy weirdness herself, Grimes who shapeshifts into fantasy characters that reflect the beauty and magic of destruction and dystopia courtesy of Dazed Beauty co-founder and make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench and art director Ben Ditto.

Alexa Demie, the American breakout star you might also know as troubled cheerleader Maddy Perez from HBO phenomenon Euphoria, is transformed into a modern sickle-wielding Wednesday Addams-inspired witch and shot by Editor in Chief, Bunny Kinney. 

Meanwhile, model Lily McMenamy and dancer Alton Mason are transfigured into spooky fairytale characters in a ghoulish vampire tale at the hand of photographer Ivar Wigan.

Elsewhere in the campaign, discover spooky photo stories featuring real witches in NYC, a modern reimagining of the witch in 2019, and one witch’s mission to get a tan. There’s also a deep dive into what it’s like to be a male witch, as well as features exploring herbology, science and alchemy. And, of course, plenty of spells and charms for you to sink your teeth into.

Explore Witch Week here and enjoy all our digital covers.