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moon lunar skincare routine

Moonshine: Matching your skincare routine to the lunar cycle

Harness the feminine energy and ancient, cosmic wisdom of the moon to elevate your radiance and glow

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If you’re reading this, and you get periods, you’re likely aware of the moon’s folklorish link to female health and vitality. For obvious reasons, the two have been linked, from the ebb and flow of tides impacted by the moon's waxing and waning to more fantastical stories such as the story of Selene a Titan goddess in Greek mythology, who drove the moon across the skies each evening. If there’s a man on the moon, we’re quite sure the moon itself might be a ‘she’. 

But did you know that your skin might benefit from closer attention to the moon and her cycles? We spoke to Jade Mordente, a practising witch, about how to align your skincare regime and the lunar cycle.


Representative of an emotional rebirth, the New Moon is an energetically-charged clean slate. As we set intentions for the month ahead, skincare and self-care should be on top of the agenda. Have you been thinking of mixing up your routine? Now is the time to do it. 

If you are in need of a new product, look for something citrus-based. Clean, bright and zesty, the scent of lemon oil has a powerful effect on our emotional state. Adding diluted lemon oil to your routine around the New Moon can promote circulation and assist with toning. 


With the uplifting energy of the New Moon still making us feel like anything is possible, the Waxing Crescent phase leans towards rosemary-based skin spells. Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant, celebrated for its ability to revitalise our thoughts and assist with concentration – the perfect component to keeping those new intentions moving forward. 

Add it to coconut oil as an overnight hair mask, mix with greek yoghurt and honey for a super-calming face mask, or create your own elixir by combining it with rose and lemongrass in a distilled water face spray. 


As our energy levels decrease, we might start to feel our intentions evolving into challenges. If you made Moon Water on the eve of the New Moon, add this to your routine to keep this cosmo-charged energy cultivating. Adding a small piece of Bloodstone and a touch of grapefruit oil to a facial steam can boost our confidence and self-awareness. 


As the emotional Full Moon draws closer, the Waxing Gibbous phase allows our efforts for transformation and growth to come into fruition. Ask yourself if there is something that hasn’t made you feel empowered up until this point – then act on it. Let your intuition guide you to reflect, adjust and let go where needed. Adding magnesium salts, lavender oil, and Selenite crystal to an evening bath will help with sleep if your mind is in overdrive. 


Emotional? Exhausted? Questioning the meaning of life? The Full Moon has a powerful effect on our emotional and physical being that comes with a knock-you-off-your-feet force. Renowned for its ability to regulate hormones, Clary Sage is a key contender in Full Moon skin spells. Mix it with two drops of sweet orange or jasmine to calm the central nervous system in a stabilising body oil. Pick up some CBD-based products to ease any anxiety. It’s time to slow down. 


As the intense emotional turbulence eases off, keeping it simple is advised. A calming Jade-roller (straight out of the fridge) will encourage the lymphatic system's natural detoxification process to give you your glow back. 


The Third Quarter moon begs for harmony and balance as the lunar cycle draws closer to completion. Spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, massage and reiki treatments can offer balance by aligning the seven chakras – alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression which might be cropping up. 

For our skin, we can look to the age-old wisdom of ayurvedic remedies. Massaging the skin with warm sesame oil can eliminate toxins while rubbing raw aloe vera into the face is a highly moisturizing acne treatment. Both will help to keep your skin smooth and radiant.  


We’ve gone full cycle – you can now relax! As we surrender to the emotional highs and lows of the last month our spiritual body naturally begins the healing process. Adding drops of cassia, frankincense, and chamomile to a diffuser will assist with grounding and leave us in a peaceful, tranquil state. As an anti-inflammatory, Chamomile-infused water can also be when cleansing to accelerate cell tissue regeneration (a natural anti-ageing solution).      

End the month with a nourishing crystal bath – Hematite will further enhance the grounding process, while a gentle stone like Turquoise offers protection. Others to try are Agate and Moonstone for balance, Carnelian for vitality and, if in doubt, a Clear Quartz, the ‘master healer’ for absolutely everything else.