Tried and Tested

Cryo chamber
Beauty FeatureWe spent 3 minutes in a -110C cryo chamber in the name of wellness
Female Psychonauts
Beauty FeatureCould adaptogens help overcome my perma-tiredness?
PHLUR Missing Person
PerfumeDoes this perfume really smell like the person you’re missing?
curly haircare review
Beauty FeatureReviewing the best (and worst) curly hair shampoos and conditioners
Schwarzkopf Professional ashleigh Kane
hairI had my hair analysed at a salon from the future and it fixed the damage
skinWhy I turned to traditional Chinese medicine to heal my psoriasis
Emma microblading
EyebrowsTrying out microblading, the lazy girl’s dream shortcut to full brows
Brit Dawson laser tattoo removal
TattoosEverything you’ve ever wanted to know about laser tattoo removal
Yin Yoga BLOK
FeatureYin yoga is the perfect practice for post-lockdown life prep
Beauty FeatureElectric cuts and spray paint: the DIY world of hair punk Keisuke Watari
Beauty FeatureCan we find a natural deodorant that really works?
facialHaeckels algae-infused oxygen facial saved my stressed-out skin
Plus shower gel
sustainabilityThis dissolvable, zero-waste shower gel will change how you wash
Zara beauty
productsAn honest Zara make-up review: the good, the bad, and the confusing
Tried and tested: eyebrow lamination2
EyebrowsTrying out eyebrow lamination, your one-stop shop for bushy brows
Glossier cleanser
productsAn honest review of Glossier’s new face wash Cleanser Concentrate
Ephemeral tattoo studio
Beauty FeatureNo regrets? I tried the first ever ‘made to fade’ tattoo
3d face scan treatment laser dr Costas Papageorgiou
Beauty FeatureI had my face 3D imaged and lasered in search of symmetry
FKA twigs pole dancing
Beauty FeatureI tried pole dancing like FKA twigs and tapped into repressed emotions
buller & rice salon hair cut coronavirus London
Beauty FeatureThis is what a post-lockdown haircut looks like
wig chemotherapy guide human synthetic
Beauty SchoolA guide to buying your first wig when you’re having chemotherapy
Charlotte Tilbury make-up men
Beauty FeatureExamining the growing trend of men’s make-up, by getting IRL men to try it
Lymphatic drainage massage bloating
BodyPermanently bloated? Manual lymphatic drainage might be the cure
biohackingI went to a biohacking clinic and glimpsed the future of looking hot