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Paris Hilton Congress
paris hiltonParis Hilton is calling for a ‘bill of rights’ to protect young people
Spencer Tunick
Climate crisis300 people stripped nude by the Dead Sea to highlight the climate crisis
CaliforniaCalifornia becomes the first US state to outlaw stealthing
Women’s rights protest
Sarah EverardThe UK government backtracks on its promise to make misogyny a hate crime
Berliners celebrate their victory
Berlin‘Berlin has proven renters don’t need to water down their demands’
Sarah Everard protests vigil
Sarah EverardSisters Uncut: the Met’s advice to call the cops on the cops is ‘laughable’
2021 storming of the US Capitol
Donald TrumpA documentary about the Capitol invasion will examine the far-right threat
Sisters Uncut protest, Old Bailey
Sisters UncutSisters Uncut stage a protest at the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s killer
Millennials and Gen Z want out of capitalism
economicsTax the rich! Millennials and Gen Z want out of capitalism
Dominic Cummings
Lists5 things to expect from Dominic Cummings’ OnlyFans
Abortion ban
TexasActivists on Texas’ near-total abortion ban: ‘Our fight will not end today’
AfghanistanMeme artist raises $4m in one day to rescue Afghans on Taliban’s kill list
Pussy Riot
Pussy RiotPussy Riot members leave Russia to escape ‘continuous arrests’
Congressman sings ‘Fergalicious’
Megan Thee StallionA congressman rapped ‘Fergalicious’ to push for climate legislation
Sarah Everard protests vigil
Sexual abuseStreet harassment and sexual harassment NDAs could be made illegal
Anti-Tory protest
ConservativesGovernment slashes funding for ‘dead-end’ uni courses like music and art
Pussy Riot arrest
Pussy RiotPussy Riot members say they’ve been jailed for just ‘existing’
LGBTQ+Tbilisi Pride has been cancelled amid violent far-right attacks
Sarah Everard protests vigil
Sarah EverardPolice breached fundamental rights at Sarah Everard vigil, inquiry finds
George Floyd Mural
George FloydThe teen who recorded George Floyd’s murder won a Pulitzer Prize
Pride projection, Bulgaria’s parliament building, Sofia
prideBulgarian LGBTQ+ activists push back against far-right attacks on Pride
pride home
LGBTQ+The gross, grim irony of the UK Home Office’s Pride rebrand
Paxton Smith valedictorian speech on Texas abortion rights
TexasThis Texas teen’s striking valedictorian speech on abortion is going viral
Roman Protasevich
Roman ProtasevichRoman Protasevich on Nexta and his part in the Belarusian uprising