Feed Your Head

Austin Collings
Arts+CultureRead two extracts from the desperate North's new narrator
Hari Nef Column 4
Arts+CultureRead Hari Nef's poem ‘Performance and Severance: A Redress’
Arts+CultureHeroin-fuelled love gets the Juliet Escoria treatment
Arts+CultureRead an extract from Ned Beauman's ‘Glow’
Arts+CultureRead a hilarious extract from Momus’ “UnAmerica”
La JJ by Michel Diedrix
Arts+CultureRead an excerpt from Everything Must Go by La JohnJoseph
Sasha Mademuaselle
Arts+CultureRead Third-Person Party by Lauren Oyler
Eat My Heart Out Zoe PIlger
Arts+CultureRead an extract from Eat My Heart Out by Zoe Pilger
witch piss sam pink
Arts+CultureRead an extract from Witch Piss by Sam Pink
Arts+CultureShort story: “The Joke” by Gabby Bess
Arts+CultureShort story: “Indestructible Everything” by Ben Brooks
Arts+CultureShort story: “Hartshill” by Joe Stretch
Arts+CultureShort story: “Alarm Sex” by Tao Lin
Arts+CultureShort story: “Potential Force” by Alissa Nutting
Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 12.54.40
Arts+CultureMini Ching by Sheila Heti
Arts+CultureWrite us a short story about surveillance!
i am ready to die a violent death
Arts+CultureI am Ready to Die a Violent Death
BTW_Jarett Kobek
Arts+Culture“People are sick, kid. They scare me”
go to work and do your job - noah cicero
Arts+CultureGo to work and do your job. Care for your children
Larry Clark 1992
Arts+CultureHow I Finally Became Cool
body horror 1
Arts+CultureStrange things are a foot at Circle K
Arts+CultureInterlude on a plane
body horror 2
Arts+CultureMy Grandma, narrowly escaping Jerome Brudos
tech-women horror
Arts+CultureA Memory of Middle School