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Beauty FeatureThe dark siren trend is an alternative way to do mermaidcore
Miu Miu mia goth frizzy hair
hairLibrarian-cool frizz rejects polished hair for a more frazzled mood
Vanessa Funes cut creaser hot glue gun makeup
make upHot glue guns are bringing digital make-up into the IRL
Scarlett Carlos Clarke x Grace Ellington
Beauty TrendsWe may be in a sex recession, but ‘post-shag’ make-up is on the rise
celestial eyes julian stoller appledoll
Beauty TrendsCelestial eyes: the glittery beauty trend that embraces make-up fallout
jellyfish hair trend
hairIntere-sting! Jellyfish hair is making waves in the beauty world
90s nails
Beauty TrendsThe latest nail trend proves that everyone wants to be a 90s child
tramp stamp
TattoosThe return of the Tramp Stamp: Y2K’s most divisive fashion statement
hairScene kid raccoon tail hair was everywhere at fashion week
Bella Hadid with skinny 90s brows
Beauty TrendsPluck me! The 90s skinny brow is back
julia fox eye makeup
Beauty TrendsEyes wide smudged: Intense black eye make-up is in