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Carlo Avena hair
hairScalp health 101: Expert advice to keep your hair healthy and growing
Rupi Kaur
Beauty FeatureHow to stop period trackers using your data against you
Kiko colourful brows
EyebrowsCurl up and dye: the idiot’s guide to bleaching your own eyebrows
Wales Bonner, Spring Summer 2016 Dazed
breathworkBreathwork for beginners: a guide to the calming practice
sex supplements
Beauty FeatureSex supplements: a steamy sham or the real deal?
Beauty FeatureWhat are ‘melanotan’ injections? Explaining the controversial tanning drug
Cellular MD skin
Beauty FeatureWhat is cellular beauty? The beauty trend getting under your skin
apetamin drug weight loss tiktok instagram
Beauty FeatureWhat is Apetamin? The dangerous ‘slim thick’ drug all over social media
Gigi Hadid
Beauty TrendsHow to do the hottest hair colour trend: Copper
History of piercings
Beauty FeatureA brief history of piercings and their controversial beginnings
isamaya ffrench Burberry beauty bleached brow tutorial
Beauty newsWatch Isamaya Ffrench show you how to fake a bold bleached brow
Pussy Riot anti-surveillance make-up
Beauty newsLearn how to create an anti-surveillance make-up look with Pussy Riot
Cara Delevingne
Beauty FeatureHow to achieve the modern mullet, 2020’s breakout hair trend
Euphoria make-up
Beauty FeatureHow to recreate Euphoria’s best make-up looks after its big Emmy win
E-girl Beauty
Beauty FeatureA little bit bondage, a little bit baby: E-girl make-up and hair explained
Suzie Q and Leo Siboni
K-beautyWhat is Jamsu? The K-Beauty trend of dunking your made-up face in water
Toni Braxton
Beauty FeatureShould you use a vibrator in your skin routine? An expert weighs in
Beauty FeatureA brief history of sindoor, the divisive Indian tradition of coloured roots
History buzzcut
Beauty FeatureA cultural history of the buzzcut
wig chemotherapy guide human synthetic
GuideA guide to buying your first wig when you’re having chemotherapy
Beauty FeatureA brief history of the good, the bad, and the ugly side of hair extensions
Larry B
Beauty newsLearn how to cure your wig woes with hairstylist Virginie Moreira
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GuideThe do’s and don’ts of DIY bleaching, the eternal hair trend for gay men
Shama Anwar
Beauty FeatureTry this ancient Indian face mask using ingredients in your cupboard