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Nokia 6310
Nokia 6310

Nokia serves Y2K nostalgia (and Snake) with a revamp of its classic ‘brick’

The near-indestructible Nokia 6310 phone has had a redesign to mark its 20th anniversary

In early-2000s nostalgia news, Nokia is set to re-release its legendary 6310 “brick”, 20 years after the phone first went on sale in the UK. And yes, despite some “subtle changes” to the design, it will feature Snake, the OG mobile phone game.

The virtually indestructible Nokia 6310 was first introduced back in 2001, with an updated version — the 6310i — following a year later. The phone model was eventually discontinued in 2005, before getting the 2021 update it deserves.

Obviously, the resurrected Nokia “brick” will feature many of the design features that made it so iconic in the first place, including a long battery life and the sturdy form that earned it the nickname. New tweaks, meanwhile, include bigger buttons and a zoomed in menu, which will be displayed on a slightly upsized screen (2.8 inches, compared with the 1.8 inch screen on the original).

“The new Nokia 6310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and brings it up to date with some great new additions such as a large curved screen, improved readability and accessibility,” reads a description from Nokia. “Plus a host of classic features you know and love: a wireless FM radio, an impressive battery that can go weeks between charges, and let’s not forget the classic Snake.”

“It’s all built in a tough shell,” the company adds, “so it can take life’s bumps.”

If you want to take yourself on a trip back to the days of dial-up internet, or maybe just have a break from the hellscape that’s just a tap of the finger away on modern smartphones, the new Nokia 6310 will set you back £59.99.

Take a look at the new design below.