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TikTok is extending its video length to three minutes

Time to regrow our attention spans

TikTok’s customary “like and follow for part two” may be coming to an end. The company announced it will be increasing the video length for users globally – tripling the 60-second upload limit to three minutes. 

According to the app’s product manager, Drew Kirchoff, who announced the new video length in a blog post, the change will “(pave) the way for even richer storytelling and entertainment on TikTok”. “Longer videos are now one more tool people can use to captivate the community with their creative expression,” he said. 

The company has previously experimented with longer video lengths, allowing some users to shoot up to three minutes after requests from some creators. “We often hear from creators that they’d love just a little more time to bring their cooking demos, elaborate beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans, and comedic sketches to life with TikTok’s creative tools,” explained Kirchoff. 

Over the next few weeks, the feature will roll out for everyone to enjoy – allowing TikTokers to film, edit, and upload the three-minute videos directly in the app. Creators will receive a notification when it becomes available to them. 

Contrary to the wave of pissed off users when Twitter upped its character limit back in 2017, TikTok creators seem to be enjoying the new feature. Normally, content creators have to split longer videos into multiple uploads to fit the 60-second limit, and viewers are forced to track down the corresponding parts on users’ profiles – so, naturally, the three-minute time limit saves a bit of work on both ends. 

So far, this has meant an increase in chaotic storytimes, more in-depth cooking videos, and all 12 astrology signs fitting in one clip, among other expanded content. “We’re excited to see how people continue to entertain and inspire with a few more seconds – and a world of creative possibilities,” noted Kirchoff. 

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