Experts are worried that South Korea are developing AI killer bots

Should we be worried?

A South Korean university just dropped a fire collab with a weapons manufacturer – and by fire collab, I mean a sentient robot with the ability to kill.

According to a report by Vice News, 50 artificial intelligence experts have signed a letter to express concern that the defense company Hanwha Systems and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) are developing weaponry that can act without human intervention.

The letter, which calls for a boycott on further KAIST collaborations reads: “At a time when the United Nations is discussing how to contain the threat posed to international security by autonomous weapons, it is regrettable that a prestigious institution like KAIST looks to accelerate the arms race to develop such weapons.”

However, KAIST’s President Sung-Chul Shin has said that the organisation does not have “any intention to engage in development of lethal autonomous weapons systems and killer robots.” 

The news follows a similar letter of concern penned last year by more than 100 experts including flame thrower salesman Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking. It called on the U.N. to ban the development and use of artificially intelligent weaponry.

Meanwhile China, Russia, the UK and the US are all actively developing AI killers, and The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots group say France and Germany have become increasingly reluctant to back proposed bans. So, actually, everyone’s probably got a secret army of murderous machines already. Great.