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Arabelle Sicardi


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Arabelle Sicardi Dazed 100
Photographer Fumi Nagasaka, stylist Emma Wyman

A Taiwanese-American beauty writer with real grit, Arabelle Sicardi is interrogating the intersection between fashion and violence

LocationNew York, United States

Arabelle Sicardi is many things: a queer Taiwanese beauty icon, visionary young feminist, Tumblr’s go-to fashion philosopher, beauty oracle. Since launching her blog Fashion Pirate as a teenager, Arabelle has been furiously penning critical essays and articles that are at once fun and tough-as-nails – challenging the way readers consume and think about beauty.

Sicardi is now planning on releasing a book on the intersection of violence and beauty. “I’ve always been interested in the violence of beauty because I’m interested in the feminist take on what beauty means and the notion of being beautiful according to society’s standards,” she says:

Specifically, she has been exploring how beauty has been used in acts of war and conflict. By interrogating this history, Sicardi has uncovered connections to how we understand beauty and gender and identity politics today: the project was sparked by a late-night walk home in New York, when she was “thinking about having to dress a certain way so I’d be more scary and unapproachable to men”.

While deconstructing stereotypes about the way we look, Sicardi is considering how we can use beauty as a tool, or even a weapon. “The development of weapons has a lot to do with your perception,” she says. “Your perception is also the biggest weapon that you can have.”

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