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Congressman sings ‘Fergalicious’

A congressman rapped ‘Fergalicious’ to push for climate legislation

‘So listen up y’all, cos this is it,’ representative Sean Casten said to Congress

Representative Sean Casten of Illinois’s 6th District is having his own Hot Girl Summer. In a slightly cringe but well-intentioned appeal to Gen Z, the US politician has been spicing up his floor speeches by invoking the power of Fergie and Megan Thee Stallion, in a bid to shine a light on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, otherwise known as FERC.

Speaking earlier this month in government, the scientist and clean energy entrepreneur brought along a poster of the “Hot Girl Summer” artwork, replacing a bikini-clad Megan riding a bottle of cognac with the FERC logo. “Madam Speaker, I trust most of my colleagues have heard of Hot Girl Summer and the broader Megan Thee Stallion oeuvre... To paraphrase Miss Stallion, because now that FERC has put in all that work, it’s time to be the MVP.”

Casten’s latest jam, however, is a rework of Fergie classic “Fergalicious”. Standing next to a board with the pop star’s face on it, he addressed the house while introducing a bill that would give more power to his federal agency to advocate for clean energy. “As climate activist Fergie would certainly say, the FERC-alicious definition is to make our planet cooler,” he said, before launching into his remix.

“Having a well air-conditioned home when it’s ‘hot, hot’? That's FERC-alicious. Getting your electricity from the lowest cost reliable source? FERC-alicious. An electric transmission system that keeps everything from electric vehicles to steel mills running with zero-carbon electricity, FERC-alicious.”

Other FERC bangers that the congressman has suggested bringing to the floor are Rihanna, “FERC FERC FERC” and Olivia Rodrigo, “FERC 4 u”. Saving the planet while flaunting his knowledge of pop bangers? We’re into it.

Watch congressman Casten take it back to 2006 below.