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Photography Harry Bowley

Boris Johnson is pushing for an early election so students can’t vote

Another fucked up revelation from our despicable government!

If you thought things couldn’t get worse than life under Theresa May, you were sadly mistaken. Boris Johnson – as predicted – is a dreadful leader, incapable of garnering support, even from his own party. Now it’s emerged he’s so scared of his increasingly irrelevant government losing power that he’s pushing for an early election in order to make it harder for students to vote.

According to The Times, Johnson’s campaign team has privately admitted that the Tories factored in university term times when deciding to push for an October 15 general election. Following 2017’s ‘youthquake’, which is credited with losing the Conservatives their majority, Johnson is rightly fearful that young people won’t support a party that’s stealing our democracy, and aims to fuck up our future with a ‘do or die’ attitude to Brexitwhich we didn’t want in the first place.

One million people have reportedly registered to vote since Johnson became prime minister, with talk of a general election spurring 200,000 people to sign up last week alone – more than half of them are under 35. But an early election might limit the number of university students who can register to vote, with those on the electoral roll at their parents’ address unlikely to travel home to have their say.

Parliament will be prorogued from tonight until October 14, giving MPs just two weeks before the planned EU exit date. The Benn bill – which is expected to receive royal assent today – will force Johnson to ask the EU for a three-month extension to Brexit. Although, Downing Street is still insisting that the prime minister won’t ask for an Article 50 extension under any circumstances, despite lawyers warning that sabotage efforts would break the law.

Johnson is set to call for a general election today – his second attempt in less than a week after his first bid was blocked – which will be stopped by opposition parties, who have agreed to abstain or vote against the motion. Although Labour wants a general election, the party refuses to agree to one until the threat of a No Deal Brexit has been removed.

The Tories are clearly terrified of being put ‘out of business’ by the young people they consistently mock and isolate. Make that fear (AKA our dream) a reality by registering to vote here, then treat yourself to some light relief with memes about it all.