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Speaking to the teen who mowed a giant penis to protest Trump

Oi Trump

Ollie Nancarrow, an 18-year-old art student who lives near Stansted airport, should have been revising for his A-levels this past weekend. Instead, he mowed a massive penis into his lawn, directly below a busy flightpath. He was vying for the attention of visiting US president Donald Trump, who touched down in London yesterday for his second official UK visit since taking the top job in 2016.

As in 2018, the last time Trump came to the UK, the leader of the free world was met with largely ineffectual, performative, and mind-numbingly expensive protest props, such as the baby blimp – his car drove past it today which was almost funny – and a model of him tweeting on a golden toilet that cost $25,000 to make.

The only potential cost to Ollie’s left-field approach, though, is his own future after he “skipped revision” to mow the big willy into a patch of his garden. When Dazed reached out to the young student via Facebook his mum initially replied saying “Ollie is in his A level exams until 3.30,” so we caught up with him a little later after to find out the motivation behind the stiff message.

So Ollie, you’ve just come out of a business exam right?

Ollie: Yeah, it’s been a bit of a busy day, but it’s been a good day. 

You didn’t take any business advice from Trump, I hope.

Ollie: Thankfully no, I think it went fine. Obviously I was a bit distracted… It’s all sort of kicked off now, it’s all over the news and social media and stuff like that. 

Did you know you were going viral as Trump Penis Boy going into the exam?

Ollie: Well I think the fact that I had no phone, laptop or anything with me and I still couldn't get away from it, like the barbers were talking about it, I went for my haircut in the morning, we were talking and we got onto that and I was like ‘yeah, that's me’.

Shouldn't you have been, you know, revising? 

Ollie: I mean you could say that, but you could say that what's the point in revising if no leader is gonna take charge and do what they need to do, and then 10 or 20 years down the line, climate change hasn't stopped, it's now irreversible so. I'm happy to forfeit my revision to try and help.

What happened when you got to school?

Ollie: Yeah, so I was in school, I didn't have a phone and everyone was like ‘you’re on Ladbible, you’re on BBC news’ and then I was like, ‘Oh my god what have I done’. One of my teachers said her son was in Japan and it's over there, I've had texts from people in America, it’s on Slovenian news, in Berlin, apparently Nigeria, I don't even know how, but literally everywhere has seen it, and is posting it and wants news stories about it.

Will you be in detention forever?

Ollie: My teachers were very supportive actually. I think on a website and on a front page, there was the school's name and a picture of a penis next to it, but they were very supportive and I couldn't be happier to be honest.

Was your mum proud of you being on the telly?
Ollie: Well ITV were just sort of waiting for me at my house when I got home today. And then the police rocked up. They want me to take it down.

Are they pro Donald?

Ollie: Well, the penis. They want the penis down. Apparently it breaches the public indecency act? It goes against an act, so they're scared it could lead to... er... some things. So I said I don't want to take it down...

And you’re now in a pretty sticky situation I’m guessing.

Ollie: It’ll get sorted in the next couple of days. I’m not taking it down, but I might change it. So we're sort of complying with them but not. 

Are you adding Trump’s body?

Ollie: Well we don't know what we’re changing it to yet, that's what we've gotta consider. Obviously we wanna keep as much as possible. We're thinking along the terms of like a wind turbine or something, or something that is along the subject of climate change. We haven't decided yet. Maybe a tree but keep the balls so it's still clearly a dick. 

Okay. So talk me through the mowing of the big cock.

Ollie: It took place over the weekend, started Saturday and finished Sunday morning. A family friend took photos, and then ever since it's been sending it out all over social media. Yeah.

How long did it take? 

Ollie: Altogether, because it was bloody hot this weekend, about  four hours. 

Was it just you? 

Ollie: Yeah, just me. 

And your mower of choice?

Ollie: It was a ride-on! 

So when you drew the big willy was it freehand?

Ollie: It was freehand. It’s come out pretty decent, especially the polar bear bit I think even though his leg is a bit weird. As an art student I’m expected to do a lot of drawing, but it's not something I really like, drawing and sketching, I’m more of a 3D artist. I use plaster casting mainly.

Did you tell anyone you were going do this? 

Ollie: Yeah, so it was me and my mum that planned it. I had permission, I've been asked that a lot. My parents are, yeah, on my side and stuff so, yeah that's good. 

Was this planned for a long time? 

Ollie: No, this is not an anti-Trump message. Now, I don’t like his policies about the environment and stuff, but this is more of a climate change message we’re trying to get across, we're not trying to upset him, it’s trying to raise awareness for climate change. The penis is literally just to get attention. As we’ve seen, most people are interested in that, but from that they’ve seen the other message. If I'd have just written ‘climate change is real’ it probably wouldn’t have got as much attention.

Did you plan that he was definitely going to fly over this patch of land? 

Ollie: No, I mean, apparently there are several flight paths that he may take, and whether he takes this one I don’t know. We do have many, many, many planes flying over us, and even if he doesn't, he has now definitely seen it on either social media or the TV.

Have you got anything else planned?

Ollie: At the moment, I’ve got a few plans, but nothing is certain. We’re gonna send out a load of stuff tonight, make sure Trump’s definitely seen it, and give him a big warm welcome, and yeah, a goodbye would be nice too wouldn't it?

You can follow Ollie’s online markplace for eco-friendly traders here.