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courtesy of Twitter/@OwenJones84

An estimated 15,000 have marched to counter a far right rally in London

Anti-fascist counter demonstrators outnumbered the original protest (again)

Counter-protesters have gathered today to oppose a Tommy Robinson-led, Brexit-based Ukip march in London. Groups opposing the far right, such as Unite Against Fascism and Momentum, are leading the opposition march with backing from figures such as Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

In a Twitter video, political commentator Owen Jones pointed out that the number of counter-protesters vastly outnumbered the amount of pro-Brexit marchers, claiming 15,000 people expressed their opposition, while there were only an estimated 3,000 supporting Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon).

Other opposition groups that joined the counter-demonstration include Stand Up to Racism, Socialists Against Antisemitism, and the Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly, who held a banner reading: “The enemy doesn’t arrive by boat. He arrives by limousine. No to fortress Britain.”

Both sides of the protest seem to have been fairly heavily policed, with marchers contained and rerouted. Reporter Laura Silver criticised the use of violent and hateful imagery in the original protest, describing a man carrying a noose and telling the Evening Standard it is what Theresa May “deserved”.