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Labour want to ‘put art at the heart of the school curriculum’

They pledged more funding to make art less posh

Labour has pledged to give arts more attention and funding in the UK education system. At a conference held at the Royal Albert Hall, a Labour Party spokesperson pledged to put creativity “back at the heart of the school curriculum”.

The event was attended by Vivienne Westwood, Lenny Henry, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and a host of other British personalities who demonstrate the importance and cultural weight of arts in the the UK.

A couple of years ago, Labour released figures that painted a grim picture for the future of UK arts. In the 2016 report they found local government spending on culture and heritage had dropped by £165 million since 2010. This drop impacts archives, arts development and support, heritage, museums and galleries, theatres and public entertainment.

“There is no sense in the course the government has taken,” Tom Watson, Labour’s shadow culture secretary told The Guardian. “As soon as Labour is in government we will put it right by putting creativity and arts back at the heart of children’s education.”

He added: “every child, no matter what their background, should be able to access the wonder and enjoyment that arts and creative endeavours bring”.

Since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, the spokesperson said there had been a worrying decline of arts subjects in schools, particularly for young people from “disadvantaged backgrounds”.