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Student activist stops plane to save man from deportation ‘hell’

Elin Ersson, from Sweden, released a now-viral video of her refusing to take her seat to help an Afghan asylum seeker

Commercial airlines made headlines recently around the time of London’s Pride march for their complicity in flying LGBT asylum seekers home to countries, but y’know, still marching at Pride. It’s common for commercial flights to have asylum seekers onboard being deported back to their countries of origin, irrespective of if it’s unsafe for them there.

One Swedish student activist named Elin Ersson was onboard a flight due to depart for Istanbul from Gothenburg, her ticket booked when her and a group of other activists discovered that an asylum seeker had been booked on the flight to be taken to Afghanistan.

Over a period of 14 minutes, Ersson refused to sit down on the flight until the attendants took the man off the plane, and filmed the entire incident in a now viral video (see above).

Initially fellow passengers were angry at the protest, trying to take away her phone, but by the time her campaign proved successful – with her and the man led off the plane – the mood shifted.

Watch the video below.