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Photo of Trump baby balloon near Parliament

The best signs spotted at the Trump protest in London

‘Trump is a waste man’

Hundreds of thousands came together in London on Friday, July 13, to make it known that U.S. President Donald Trump was absolutely not welcome in the UK. 

With Trump currently in the UK to do business, protesters filled up every spare inch of London, from the Parliament to Regent’s Park to Trafalgar Square, flying that epic Trump Baby blimp overhead and best of all, and carrying signs with their strongly worded anger, dislike, disappointment, beyond — the business of protesting Trump was booming. Londoners of all ages marched together and it made for a powerful sight when captured in photos and news videos.

But it’s the signs that are the true highlight of this protest. Some of the best ones that Londoners trotted out — from the fuss-free “Trump is a waste man” to the very colourful “Orange is the new twat” to the deeply British “Dear Queen, don’t offer him the good biscuits” — will undoubtedly go down in the history books. Protesters didn’t hold back, nor did they shy away from using some rather creative art direction to really make their messages pop. 

On a final note: it wasn’t a sign, per se, but there should be some amount of bonus points given to the German press, who inserted the Trump Baby blimp into official photos of the Trumps exiting Air Force One and hanging out with Theresa May. Solid effort.