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Donald Glover fans hijack Donald Trump fans’ subreddit

Redditors pay tribute to the ‘one true Donald’

In the wake of Childish Gambino’s sensational “This Is America” video the President of the United States was not the most talked about Donald in the world, for a beautiful, brief amount of time at least. Donald Glover’s reference-packed work has put the polymathic star’s name everywhere, and now his fans have begun to extend that global takeover to Reddit by hijacking the second most popular destination on the site for Donald Trump fans, thedonald. The most popular Trump subreddit by far is The_Donald, with over 600,000 subscribers, and extremely dedicated moderators, making infiltration much harder.

Normally, a visitor to thedonald would be greeted by pro-Trump memes and articles, or MAGA propaganda, but as of Monday the page had been taken over by Glover fans, much to the disdain of Trump supporters. “Make America Glover Again” read one post, while another said “This page is supposed to be about why is there a terrible photo of a pseudo-rich, white racist xenophobe on top of the sub? I hope mods fix.” At the time of writing, the subreddit is almost entirely dedicated to Donald Glover, and the takeover appears well and truly complete. One Trump posted mournfully, “why is don glover all over the the_donald? why aren’t the mods doing anything about it?”

While this hijack isn’t exactly going to remove Trump from office, these subreddits (especially The_Donald) are predominantly used as a place to disseminate pro-Trump, Fox-sponsored news, often doused in anti-immigrant rhetoric, and anger directed at the “fake news media”. In 2016, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman wrote a lengthy post in response to people asking for The_Donald to be banned that he would not do that, but could no longer tolerate some of the behaviour on the site and would be identifying “toxic, troublesome users” and banning those in the subreddit that deserved it. This is America, I guess.