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Marlowe Tatiana Granados

The photographer, writer and founder of Petite Anarchy on why her pink plastic ten dollar camera is still her favourite

Marlowe Tatiana Granados launches her viewers straight into the locations that she photographs, placing narratives in your mind, whether you’re positioned in the backseat of a car travelling to some alluring location, or on the top of a building. Having interned at Vice and MySpace, Granados also curates and writes; Station Magazine, Artrocker and Converse Music are a select few from her client list. She holds the title of creator for the website, which collects a host of creative supplements from literature to photography work with the opportunity for anyone to submit. Dazed caught up with the adventurer herself to talk direction, inspiration and cheap analogue cameras.

Dazed Digital: Where are you from/where do you currently live?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados:
I'm from Toronto, but I've lived in London for the past year or so.

DD: How would you describe your photography in one sentence?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados: Very short stories...

DD: It seems that you travel quite frequently, what has been your favourite country/city to shoot in?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados: Cities really influence my work, it's hard for them not to. I'd say Toronto, not because it's my home, but because the city isn't very imposing so it doesn't create its own narrative. New York or Paris are also up there, but it's hard to step away and ask yourself if the photos would work if you had shot it in any other place. While thinking about this, I kind of changed my mind to say San Francisco.

DD: What is it about a location or subject that intrigues you?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados: It's really all about creating this selfish little collection of different things I'd like to remember. To explain what intrigues me about certain locations is tricky. I really love people's houses, it's just all this evidence of someone's life in one place and all the junk that they picked up along the way. Some of my recurring subjects have always been my long time friends, I really don't know what intrigues me about them, I just think they put up with being photographed all the time.

DD: Which photographers inspire you the most?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados: Flo Fox, I used to write to her when I had this complete lack of motivation after I had been really disappointed about a project of mine. Her work is inspiring and her story is humbling. Look her up!

DD: What are the most expensive/cheapest cameras you have ever purchased?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados: I don't really buy cameras, I've used the same ones for years, my cheapest camera is this plastic one that works exactly like a disposable, it looks ridiculous, it's pink and see through, it was ten dollars but I use it all the time, it's my "point and shoot".

DD: I see you also write, do you enjoy any other artistic forms?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados: I've attempted it in the past, but soon I want to start some sort of film project. For now I just write scripts that collect dust.

DD: What is your biggest regret?
Marlowe Tatiana Granados: My inability to hold on to regrets.

Text by Robert Davies