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The streets of Tokyo provide inspiration for the photographer's series of understated snapshots of his daily life

YukiAsh started taking photos when he left his hometown of Fukuchiyama, Kyoto to study in San Francisco. After dropping out of college, he went to Tokyo to study graphic design and started to merge his photography with video and web design. Whether it is the bleak inner-city environment or candid photos of his family, YukiAsh simply captures the world around him as he sees it.

Dazed Digital: What do you do?
 I shoot photos and make some graphics when I feel like I need to. My latest work was to shoot some postcards for my friend's hair salon. I also shot two experimental movies with DSLR for an advertisement. And now, I am preparing for a long trip to USA and Europe to get a change of air.

DD: What do you like about photography?
 Some of things I like about photography are that I can cut the moments and atmosphere around me fast and real then I can share these with people. I like that it depends on what things and people are around me. Who, where and what is around me decides whether the photos are interesting. I think I am seeing who I am while I am taking photos. And that's what I want.

DD: What is your latest work about?
 I can't tell exactly. It's about me, and about people and things surrounding me. I would be glad if my photos could be clear and a real introduction about me.

DD: What inspires you?
 For photography, everything I see in daily life inspires me. I love listening to music, so music inspire me too. I like to feel the music rather than understand it.

DD: Why did you move from web and video motion to photography?
I didn't move. I just cut the two purposely. One reason is that I didn't want to spend a long time sitting in a chair for coding and operating. I wanted to use more of my time to feel something with my senses. So I thought I should decide whether I would keep doing those or not. And, I think webs and videos are like a digital camera, and photography is like a film camera. I don't want to run and follow the flow of digitals. I'd rather see now and feel.

DD: Who influences your work?
Especially my family, my friends, and nature. In terms of the kit I use, my grandfather is an influence. He was a film camera repair man, and he had some old used cameras. I picked some of them up and I've been using them ever since.