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08/2009 Peter Zachary Voelker

Emeric Glayse: Nofound to New Documents

The travelling exhibition features a collection of random and beautiful photographs found on the Internet

Nofound to New Documents #1 is a travelling exhibition of photography and images curated by Emeric Glayse, who spent hours trawling the Internet for anything he found visually attractive and intriguing. The exhibition is partnered with the website Nofound, which will also be updated and evolve as the project goes on. The first stop of the exhibition is being held at Viktor Wynd Fine Art gallery, which features a collection of objects that Wynd found on his many voyages much in the same way Glayse collected his images on his trips around the Internet. Each exhibition will be different from the last as photographs that are sold are taken out and replaced with new ones. Dazed Digital caught up with Emeric Glayse to find out more.

Dazed Digital: What is Nofound to New Documents?
Emeric Glayse: Nofound to New Documents is a travelling exhibition (on-line/off-line) dedicated to photography. Based on Nofound, the show will evolve with time and place. This first stop in London, Nofound to New Documents #1, at Viktor Wynd Fine Art, is the really first and subjective Nofound retrospective.

DD: Why did you decide to reference the 1967 exhibition with the name?
Emeric Glayse: With works of Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander and Garry Winogrand, New Documents 1967 was the first show in a Museum (MoMA) fully dedicated to snapshot photography. Because I work mainly with diary photographers and because, for me, Nofound to New Documents will bring Nofound into art spaces, I thought a wink at John Szarkowski's exhibition would be nice.

DD: How does a travelling exhibit work and why is this better than a stationary one?
Emeric Glayse: I don't know if travelling exhibitions are better than stationary ones. Nofound to New Documents is a test to answer this question I work with everyday: how can we produce and show emerging photographers? Working with photography is very expensive, lots of my friends, contemporary art curators, always tell me that it is easier to produce installations than intimate prints. I understood by curating Access&Paradox - a young art fair in Paris - in October 2010, that young commercial galleries can't spend this kind of money. So, the idea is to create a project that won't have the practical terms of a gallery to deal with. Something free of space and time. It's a test, we will see how it goes.

DD: How does the website tie in with the exhibition?
Emeric Glayse: Like Nofound, the exhibition website will change all the time. I will add pictures and series regularly, to the rhythm of our discoveries. The website will be a base for the exhibitions which will all be different, depending on the gallery and people we work with. The next exhibition can be a thematic group show or a solo show. I would be happy to work with other curators too, people who could imagine other stories inside this project. I see Nofound to New Documents as a base of prints that will travel all around the art spaces.

DD: How did the selection process for photographers work?
Emeric Glayse: I spend hours on the Internet searching for new work, I receive contributions daily, I meet photographers all the time, it's almost like an obsession. For me, the most important things are that I feel something, that i am not bored and to try to not follow a trend :) All the photographers in this exhibition are photographers I have worked with before, and most of them have been published on Nofound.

DD: Viktor Wynd Fine Art is not just an art gallery but a collection of pieces found, is this why you chose it for the first stop?
Emeric Glayse: Yes, Viktor Wynd Fine Art is not just an art gallery but also a place where you can find all sorts of discoveries from Viktor Wynd's travels. The way I spend hours every day on the Internet seeking for photographs, Wynd spends months all over the world searching for treasures. For this first Nofound to New Documents exhibition I wanted to create a subjective retrospective, I wanted to exhibit a choice of images the same way a frenetic collector would have shown his collection in a space that was not his. So, Viktor Wynd Fine Art was the perfect place.

Nofound to New Documents, Viktor Wynd Fine Art , 11 Mare street, E8 London, United Kingdom, February 3-28, 2011