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3 + 1 = Agnès B

The French designer puts on a Paris art show featuring the works of Harmony Korine, Ryan McGinley and the late Dash Snow

A new group show, entitled '3+1', recently opened at Agnès B’s Galerie du Jour in Paris, featuring works from three NYC Lower East Side artist; the late Dash Snow, Harmony Korine and Ryan McGinley. Korine, writer of the film KIDS, paints dark, abstract figures that complements both McGinley’s compositions and Snow’s abstract photographs. Without being a 'tribute to Dash Snow', it's an excellent opportunity to show Dash's work with his “friends and peers”. 3+1 is unquestionably exciting and we spoke to Agnès B at the opening party to get her point of view...

DD: what do you think unites the aesthetic or approach of these three artists?
Agnès B:
Their approach mirrors the freedom of youth and experimentation, their talent consists of a mix of audacity, poetry, detachment, caring, and intelligence of our time. Aesthetics is something different. Each of them has their own aestheticism and I’m sure they appreciate one another’s.

DD: Do you think there is something innately American about their works?
Agnès B:
Of course! Their work naturally reflects a certain American culture, whose attitude and style has been universally adopted worldwide. We all love t-shirts and blue jeans, which for me is the outfit of our century! And I feel that “Trash Humpers” being a metaphor of a certain American disease, gives a poetic and honest view of a malaise existing in other cultures as well.

DD: Are you interesting in how subcultures influennce their work?
Agnès B:
Please don’t speak of subcultures…its part of our culture, for me there are no degrees – only quality! Many major artists come from the street, like Basquiat or Haring etc. And great photographers such as Brassai (a long time ago!), and Dennis Hopper have taken beautiful graffiti pictures.

DD: Could you describe me the works on show ?
Agnès B:
The show can be seen on the site of the galerie du jour agnès b.

DD: What do you find interesting about how these artists examine ideas of youth?
Agnès B:
It’s seen from the inside! Their life is the inspiration for their art.

3+1 at Galerie du Jour, 44 rue Quincampoix, 75004, Paris, until 6th November 2010

Text by Zohaer MC, gallery images by Kate Grasso and Agnes B portrait by Ryan McGinley