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Flickr Showcase: Lucie Malbequi

Biarritz's finest young talent attempts to capture the lightness of youth in her naive yet beautiful imagery

18-year-old Lucie Malbequi also known as her Flickr pseudonym Clothide Boisrenard, hails from the beach town of Biarritz, France. Indulging her creative streak with painting initially, she moved on to photography when she was 15 with only a compact digital camera. After the demise of her little Kodak, she experimented with manual film cameras, a Canon compact 90s from her mother. Now finishing high school and getting a BA specialised in fine art, Malbequi has decided she would rather escape the academic system with rules so strict there and will thus be looking for an international school to meet her needs alongside her personal projects.

Her photographs are self-described as 'the testimony of current youth', a subjective vision of the world where teenage figures are placed in abstract places and lights are showed in an atmospheric way. Focusing on the plays of light, her pictures take on a certain atmosphere, capturing a piece of time and solidifying it on a negative. She seeks to observe the faintness of adolescence, focusing on the aesthetic choice, the ethereal, airy, and sensory in youthful melancholy.


Where are you from/based?
I was born in France and I've always lived here, in the south-west, between the trees and the sea.
What's your background as a photographer?
I have no really background, my photographs are just the reflection of a moment, i don't need to transform it.
Are you inspired by any particular films? Art? Literature?
A lot yes. For films, especially by the french "Nouvelle Vague" (Eric Rohmer, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard or Jacques Demy) and independent directors like Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, Michel Gondry... In painting, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Romantics, the Symbolists and also the expressionists have a great influence on me. With regard to the literature, the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century inspired me in particular. Finally, my influences are a little bit communes.
What about other photographers?
I'm slightly passeist indeed, I admire greatly the pictorialists.  
Do you have any current projects? If so, what are they about?
Yes but not only photography, but also in painting, creating... My picture project stay the same: the idealization of current youth by using analogic photography which catching the natural light, entering through the lens, fixed on the film and transcribed directly what I saw then.
What equipment/film do you use? What do you like about the equipment/film you use?  
Generally 35mm on a Chinonflex, a Canon AE-1 or a Canonet 28. Sometimes I make medium format and Polaroid type 100.
How do you choose your locations?
I almost never take pictures where I live, except when I have projects or when the light is exceptional. So it's during my little travels I catch instants, atmospheres, and specific lights to where I am.