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Louise Gray Womenswear A/W10

We wanted to be quilted and changed head to toe in Louise Gray.

Louise Gray beats to her own quilted and heavily texturised fabric drum and we'll gladly march behind her. There's no hiding from the fact that Gray doesn't feel the need to do a 180 degree spin and change up her game entirely every season. Her new collection is essentially a continuation of the last that pushes her textile techniques with the frayed quilting and collaging further and further until an eclectic melange of coloured textures form various styles of three to four part dress. The shapes are slouchier and more oversized than the last and emphasised by the fluffy trainers and brogues designed in collaboration with US shoe designer LD Tuttle (Nicholas Kirkwood of course provided the heels). Sesame Street style furs has the wardrobe wrapped up warm for the winter, keeping the head to toe Louise Gray look entirely possible and covetable.

Dazed Digital: Where's the quilt from - is it literally a reference to your own patchwork style?
Louise Gray: Yeah definitely, it's about the textiles that we've developed. All the fabrics are quilted together and it's a technique we've been doing for a few seasons and I just wanted to capitalise on the fact that I use these fabrics and make them all myself.

DD: Is it an evolution from the last collection?
Louise Gray: It just so happened that I got involved with all the fabrics, all the different textures and all the things I learnt at school, but then I'm thinking of them now.

DD: As a designer, it seems you never bend towards trends or seasonality or current themes?
Louise Gray: I try and make it as fashionable as possible for me. My style is so textile-based and colourful and I don't see how I can stray away from that. I just make a really wearable shape in a statement fabric and you don't need to necessarily wear it all at once.

DD: There's this refined feeling about the 80s/90s themes that your clothes has.
Louise Gray: Yeah, I think these are not the type of clothes you think of when you think 80s. I always falling back into these things that make me happy and it's about brushing it up and making it fresh.

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