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Pierre Debusschere Plays With Light

Photographer Pierre Debusschere from Brussels exhibits his touching photography constructed from video stills

One of Dazed's favorite photographers and an amazing video producer, Pierre Debusschere is now showing his new exhibition “True Stone” just inaugurated in Portugal and soon coming to London. Debusschere talks to Dazed about his perspectives on work and life...

Dazed Digital: Which is the concept behind the exhibition?
Pierre Debusschere: It's coming from the recurring concept of the perception of inner identity, and the exposure of ourselves as we evolve.
 But I don’t want to make any big statements about this; I prefer that the people see what they want to see.

DD: What is your favorite photo in the exhibition?
Pierre Debusschere: They don’t have titles but the one where he has cat eyes, I think in this picture you can really feel the hidden part of this identity created for this show.

DD: Why portraits?
Pierre Debusschere: The people on Facebook, why...
 easier to identify?
DD: You seem to be more interested in shooting men, why?
Pierre Debusschere: I was actually thinking last night of re-making this expo later with a girl. 
I’m looking more for expressions first, emotions in my subject, I think women models control too much what they want to give to the camera, boys are more innocent in a way...

DD: Do you have a specific process of working?
Pierre Debusschere: For this exhibition "True Stone", I’ve been using video stills, reworked as actual photographs. 
This medium is helping me cross the boundaries between stills, movement and time. In every
 picture it's always the same boy (Adrien Sahores). I've been crossing his path several times on my tapes.
 So this is actually the result of our crossings during a year!

DD: You love to play with lights, not just with the usual photography lights but all lights, why?
Pierre Debusschere: Light is what makes you see it all! Or not...

DD: What inspires you?
Pierre Debusschere: My friends, some people I work with, and music!

DD: When did you decide that photography was what you wanted to do?
Pierre Debusschere: I'm still not sure this is what I want to do. 
I just want to work with images, so for now I’m pretty happy mixing photography / film & art direction.

DD: How would you describe your style?
Pierre Debusschere: In movement.

DD: What are your plans for the future?
Pierre Debusschere: To travel with this exhibition and simply continue to shooting editorials & films.
 Frankly my plans are changing every day, because I always have something new coming up!

DD: What makes you happy?
Pierre Debusschere: Playing hide & seek with my friends! At home!
Wrong Weather, Av. da Boavista, 754, Porto, Portugal and Electric Blue Gallery, 64 Middlesex Street, E1 7EZ London