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YCE: TBW Books

Paul Shiek is fighting the publishing crisis by producing limited-edition, subscription-only photographic book series.

As the publishing crisis spreads to all four corners of the book world, Paul Schiek is forging ahead with an idea that is keeping his independent photography book publisher, TBW Books, afloat. He produces limited-edition, subscription-only book series that hand creative control to the photographers, who are both cult (Todd Hido, Alec Soth) and almost unheard of (Marianne Mueller, Abner Nolan). In other words, he's awesome.

Name a person or organisation that shares your DIY ethos, and explain why.
Woody Guthrie and Jay Z. They both make folk music with hope optimism and reality at the core.

Send us a picture/video that summarises your view of modern life, and explain why.
I try to watch this video everyday. Jaz Z is so important to me. I love this video for its human qualities. It’s people exploding at the moment he drops his new versus about current affairs. I’m so jealous of how musicians can immediately connect with fans. Jay is participating in true folk music in this video, connecting with the people through the most ubiquitous and available means, getting people excited about something current through his art. It’s a purely genius Jay Z moment that gives me chills every single time I watch it.

Do you think the recession has helped or hindered your creativity? Why?
Helped. True creativity has always come out of struggle. Be it economic, personal or political. I have never responded to any art that was made otherwise.

Music for a revolution - which song sums up your attitude?
Dress Sexy at my Funeral - Smog

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