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Anton Yelchin
Photography Anton Yelchin

Late actor Anton Yelchin’s photography goes on display in LA

Famous for his work in films like 2009s Star Trek reboot, Yelchin was preparing his first major solo show as a photographer before his untimely death earlier this year

Earlier this year, news came that actor Anton Yelchin had been tragically killed by his car when it rolled back on him in his driveway. Celebrated for his work in films such as 2009s Star Trek reboot and its sequels, Yelchin was lesser known for his photography talent. However, Other, a showroom and gallery in LA, is set on changing that and is currently exhibiting 40 of Yelchin’s images.

The show’s press release states that the artist was “embarking on a second career as a photographer” at the time of his death, adding that it was a lifelong passion of his and that he was working on a number of commissions for international publications. Yelchin chose the venue as the site for his first major solo show, a goal that was posthumously honoured by a small group of his family and friends.

The portraits themselves – described by Other as “dramatic” – are full of energy and movement. All shot with disposable and Leica cameras and produced over a six-year period, the images were often shared on the late star’s Instagram feed with fans often not aware of his work outside of TV and film, with one commenting, “Didn't realize he was a talented photographer”.

“The intention was that the work would stand alone. … That was a big thing for him, to have his work be respected as photography and not because he did it” – Kelly Cole, speaking to LA Weekly

Speaking with LA Weekly last week, co-owner of Other and the show’s co-curator, Kelly Cole, said, “The intention was that the work would stand alone… That was a big thing for him, to have his work be respected as photography and not because he did it. That was at the core of who he was as a creative person.”

But while Yelchin may have wanted to place a clear divide between his two careers, in many of the photos, subjects flaunt masks and costumes and allow him to transform personalities to create intoxicating characters. Undeniably inescapable, Yelchin’s history with film and a cinematic influence are – wonderfully – unwavering. 

Anton Yelchin: Photographs runs at LA’s Other until 31 December 2016. All images are on sale and a portion of the proceeds with be donated to the Anton Yelchin Fund and dispersed between a number of projects for children and students of filmmaking