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Stef Mitchell Girl Red Hook Labs exhibition 2016 photography
Stef Mitchell: GirlPhotography Stef Mitchell

These photos explore different meanings of the word ‘girl’

Stef Mitchell is often mistaken for a boy – in her new exhibition, she unpacks her own idea of what ‘girl’ means

“I am very often mistaken for a boy, so gender is definitely something I think about lot whether I want to or not,” says Australian-born, New York-based photographer and artist Stef Mitchell. “My intention wasn’t to make a statement, but when I landed on the title ‘Girl’ I just thought it was an interesting word for me to attach my own meaning to,” she continues, speaking on her upcoming exhibition.

Opening this Thursday at Brooklyn’s Red Hooks Labs, Stef Mitchell: Girl brings together over fifty photographs and drawings. “Everything that’s in the exhibition I’ve made or taken because I love it or am obsessed by it in some way,” she explains.

“I guess this is a personal look at what my idea of ‘Girl’ is, whether it’s the traditional female form or just something on a boy that I find beautiful and interesting,” she continues. Soft and slightly hazy, these photos represent Mitchell’s own quietly poetic take on femininity.

The exhibition coincides with the launch of Mitchell’s new zine, which was created in collaboration with Emily Manning and features her collection of Carhartt workwear.

Stef Mitchell: Girl runs from 14th-24th July at Red Hook Labs, 133 Imlay St, Brooklyn