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Jessica Yatrofsky’s I Heart Girl
Photography Jessica Yatrofsky

These images represent the diverse beauty of the female body

This photographer’s exploration of what a 21st century woman looks like today proves that the definition of femininity is fluid

The definition of ‘femininity’ could go on forever if someone sat down and really wanted to go all out in the dictionary. No two bodies are the same – even identical twins have something that’s unique. The beauty of the female body is always evolving and changing, even though most media would have us believe otherwise.

Photographer Jessica Yatrofsky’s new book, released today and titled I Heart Girl, is a pin drop in the ocean of that debate. And admittedly so, the photographer doesn’t claim to be the authority on the female body, instead, she just wants to represent as much diversity as this 80 page title will allow. One thing you won’t find is the typical representations of beauty today. Instead, Yatrofsky’s subjects are tattooed or not, wear glasses or not, and come in all different shapes, sizes and skin tones. Here, we take a look inside.

I Heart Girl – published by powerHouse Books – is available now