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Angelina Jolie by Kate Garner
Angelinashot by Kate Garner

Rare pictures of Angelina Jolie to be exhibited in London

Photos taken of Jolie in the 90s have emerged and for any of you with a fair amount of cash, prints are going on sale

We already have pictures of Angelina Jolie looking ridiculously beautiful; you only need to Google search to scroll through interminable numbers of them for free. But if you’ve got nearly £2,000 and an unchallengeable appreciation of her IMDB catalogue, you may purchase these new photos.

Two extremely rare pictures of the star are going on sale today at London’s Zebra One Gallery. The beautiful images were shot by Kate Garner in 1995 just as Jolie was just getting attention from Hollywood directors, way before early cult film Girl, Interrupted exploded in 1999. According to the photographer, Jolie was fiercely independent in her direction of the shoot, tying her own legs together in an S&M pose with no instruction.

“Angelina explored different poses without much direction from me,” explains Garner. “Including tying her legs together for what would become one of the most unique shots of her to ever be taken. She wasn’t afraid to experiment and be creative, which made for some absolutely beautiful photos."

The photos were commissioned by ELLE US in an LA studio during the year she starred in her first slightly bigger movies, Hackers and Without Evidence.

“I liked Angelina a lot, although it was a very conservative shoot,” says Garner. "She was quiet and incredibly intense, but she was also very gentle and extremely creative. She exuded class throughout, and knew how to put her own mark on it. It is still one of my favourite shoots.”

She looks seriously good, right? The gallery will be selling a limited run of 50 prints pricedx at £1,800.