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Black Trans Liberation Tuesday
Shania, Tracy and KrystalAssaf Evron

Rallying for the black trans women killed in America

The #BlackTransLiberationTuesday movement hit five U.S cities to rally for black transgender women in the wake of alarming deaths – this is our photo report from Chicago

In 2015, a reported 18 black trans women have been murdered in America. Just 12 transgender women of any race were killed in the entirety of 2014. Despite a wave of trans publicity – spearheaded predominantly by reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner and actress Laverne Cox – life without the protective vest of media is clearly not so simple for transgender women, particularly those of colour.

To that end, the #BlackLivesMatter movement organised #BlackTransLiberationTuesday in cities across America to shout loud for the women that have been killed and draw global attention to the idea that these are people and communities that need protecting urgently.

We visited Chicago to speak to the people involved with the movement.