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Yoko Kusano’s photography
Photography Yoko Kusano

Glimpse into the lives of these Tokyo teens

This photographer is using her lens as a window into contemporary youth in Japan

Shooting from the hip, Yoko Kusano is a Tokyo-based, 22-year-old photographer who’s sharing her and her friends’ daily lives through her lens. Taking her very first image of her sister when she was just a child, Kusano has carried this fascination with her surroundings by finding influence in her hometown, her friends and the city’s passer-bys. Using her camera as an instrument for elevating their everyday lives, instead of placing the viewer as voyeur Kusano’s images feel like a long-lost roll of film – with her recently published book Untitled offering up snapshots of a life spliced with gigs, pregnancy tests and birthday candles, bringing us outsiders into the otherwise private lives of a bunch of Tokyo mates.

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