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Christto & Andrew
From “Glory of the Artifice”Photography Christto & Andrew

The Middle East’s most colourful photography duo

A dynamic duo living in Doha are injecting humour and history into their hyperreal portraiture

Christto & Andrew are a dynamic duo working across photography, mixed media and film while living in the Middle East’s Doha. With Christto originally hailing from Puerto Rico and Andrew from South Africa, the pair began working together in 2012, an ‘organic’ partnership that has seen them produce a stream of hyperreal work that blends humour and portraiture in one. “Being in Doha inspires a lot of our work. The fact that not much is being done here provides us with material and a voice that is reflective of the current situation,” the duo tell us. “What fascinates us is how fast Doha changes on a daily basis, this really makes us question our perceptions of history, time and progress.” Channelling that curiosity into their work, Christto & Andrew explain, “There’s a great sense of optimism which is projected through means of construction and a strong focus on building the future: luxury, drivers, maids, expats, locals, romanticising of the gulf, and futuristic buildings are all aspects of living here that influence our work.”

Christto & Andrew’s latest project “Glory of the Artifice” will be on display at Amsterdam’s Unseen Photo Fair, taking place between 18-20 September, 2015