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Märta Thisner, Girls, Dazed
Photography Märta Thisner

These photos show that girls just wanna have fun

Swedish photographer Märta Thisner’s all girl gang are captured through a haze of booze, dancing and smudged lipstick

Märta Thisner is a Stockholm-based photographer whose work is best done after a tipple or two. “I shoot more when drinking because I’m a shy Swedish person, and that’s when we loosen up,” she says, a revelation that might give insight into her eye for capturing the free spirit of the women around her. Of course, it’s not really all about booze. Instead, Thisner’s photos prove that sisterhood is still very much alive and kicking. Without a boy in shot, she explains, “Women are always so much more interesting.” An undeniable element to the photographer’s super fun oeuvre, where girls chug bottles of beer, press their bare bums against high rise windows, kiss, live and LOL. Inspired by life and youth, alongside her own set of friends, Thisner’s – appropriately titled – Drunk in Love series gives us a look inside her life between 2003 and the present day, as she takes on the world – from Stockholm and London to Paris and New York – one girl at a time.

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