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Mate Moro, photography series, Dazed
Photography Mate Moro

Flick through this weird and personal photo diary

Photographer Mate Moro always carries a Pentax camera in his pocket, capturing surrealism in the everday

For photographer Mate Moro the world of pristine and polished images of magazine editorials have never been enough. His project Reform the Form reveals something out of his background of a teenage graffiti artist – a desire to capture the raw energy behind the everyday with a slight hint of mischief.

Moro lives between Budapest and London and belongs to the new generation of talented photographers from Hungary (alongside Andi Galdi Vinko and Peter Puklus). He’s got an eye for finding the surreal in the ordinary and for hidden dynamics between body and space. For the past three years he's been capturing Reform the Form on a compact Pentax that he always carries in his pocket – like an unconventional diary. “In the series I capture unique moments enhanced with personal content. I react to the symbols in the surrounding environment and create the concept. This kind of staged way excludes the possibility of chance,” he explains. “In this kind of photography, the grotesque relationship between the person and space becomes more visible. As a result, the private stories take on a rewritten and rethought form. The title of this series also refers to this reinterpretation”.

His project is about the moment, immediate interaction with the environment and the multiple ways to see things. It’s weird, wild, personal, and fun – a reminder that the visual universe around you is a material to artistically reform and re-appropriate, not to take yourself too seriously, and remember, always keep a film camera in your bag.