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Chloë Sevigny and Innen zines Dazed
Courtesy of Chloë Sevigny and Innen zines

Chloë Sevigny shares her love life in a new zine

The style icon has collected photos of all the men in her life for a new book – preview it here

Most people would run a mile from lovers past, but not Chloë Sevigny. In fact, the actress-muse-model-'coolest girl in the world' is about to release a new zine honouring them. Titled No Time For Love, the photobook is filled with snapshots from photobooths and candid images of the men in her life – from her father to her first loves – plastered with stickers to keep their privacy, of course.

The release comes hot off of her eponymous Rizzoli book, a tome that documents two decades of the icon's much-coveted style. Speaking with about its release, she hinted: "Going through all the ephemera that I had for this Rizzoli book, we were like, 'We could make so many different books right now.' Su (from Rizzoli) and I were like, 'What book should we make?' So maybe there’s a different incarnation." Hopefully this is just the beginning. Ahead of its release, we spoke with Sevigny about her latest project.

Could you tell us about your new zine? 

Chloë Sevigny: Well, it's titled No Time For Love. It's a collection of photos of me with the boys/men I've loved through my life. From my father to my first true love to my biggest crush, etc. There's also a small sampling of gossip about me that's appeared on page six in the New York Post.

What made you want to share these images?

Chloë Sevigny: I just released a book with Rizzoli self-titled Chloë Sevigny, and the process was so fun and challenging that when I was approached to do it I thought why not. Innen Zines has worked with so many friends and artists I admire, for my first I thought it would be a good place to start.

Could you tell us about the images?

Chloë Sevigny: Different friends have taken most of these photos over the years. No permissions had to be granted which was the most exhausting part of doing the Rizzoli book.‎ Some were timed some were photo booths etc. The cover was taken in Philadelphia in a photo booth. The first image with the pink cat was taken in a photo booth in Paris. Both the Polaroids were taken by me or the boy in the photo. My friend Tara Subkoff took one, Bryce Kass took another.

What's the idea behind putting the stickers on the images?

Chloë Sevigny: The idea was to protect the anonymity of the boys.

No Time For Love is released on June 17 through Innen Zines. Check out as well as their Instagram and Facebook for more information and news on releases