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Photography by Andi Galdi Vinko, hair Tamas Tuzes @ L'ATELIERNYC, make up Rachael Ghorbani for MAC Cosmetics, models Niki @ New York Models, Henriett @ Silent Models

A playful observation in glitter and rainbows

A handful of close-knit creatives come together in an explosion of confetti, hair extensions and white-walled shots for this personal project

What happens when a couple of make up artists, a hair stylist and a photographer all come together? Cue: an explosion of glitter, some flowing hair extensions and a handful of white-walled shots in what feels like the perfect antidote to that New Year’s hangover that’s, well, still hanging around. In a personal project for photographer Andi Galdi Vinko and a group of her creative friends – last featured on Dazed snapping neo-nostalgia at its finest – it’s safe to say that the Hungarian-born creative is revelling in such freedom, admitting; “I usually only work with hairstylists and makeup artists when it comes to commissioned projects and usually our hands are tied and we can't go crazy. Here, we had no rules to follow, no client and no demands”.

The no holds barred images feature models sprayed with glitter and sprouting pony tails from their nether regions, with Galdi Vinko observing; “It’s a playful observation on how glitter and rainbow makes everything different, or at least that's what we are supposed to think, right? This whole new feminism is about being naked and proud of your body – but isn't it all for the joy of men again?” Taking inspiration from friends, strangers and fellow artists such as Guy Bourdin, Viviane Sassen and Jürgen Teller, the photographer, armed with an MA in Art History is quick to admit, “A great part of my inspiration comes from hidden knowledge. Sometimes I feel like I actually know more than what is strictly necessary for an artist. This series is a good example of this as it is more intimate than it may appear at first.”

For more of Galdi Vinko’s work click here to visit her personal website, or visit the photographer’s Instagram here