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Appears in Issue 01
Appears in Issue 01Ewen Spencer

Welcome to Miami

Ewen Spencer has just released the latest series in his incredibly vivid portrait of global youth culture

From stalking the White Stripes to documenting the golden age of garage, Photographer Ewen Spencer has always been actively engaged with the subjects of his work. Hot off his Dazed Music Nation doc Brandy & Coke, his latest project – a collection of photographic publications titled 'Guapamente' – has been no different, and has seen him capture a brightly honest and spirited vision of what it means to be young in all its posing, carefree glory. Whilst the first two issues in the collection saw Ewen document the styling and behaviour of teenagers in Italy and France, Issue 03 delves into Miami to see what the kids got up to for Spring Break. 

It’s not easy to capture genuine images of youth culture, but Ewen’s straightforward and spontaneous style have seen him garner a reputation for working with subjects that might not be used to the camera. The result is images seemingly captured by an invisible onlooker, making for visceral and energetic photographs like the ones in Guapamente: issue 03. These photographs offer a unique take on the worlds enduring fascination with youth culture.

This latest issue will be hosted and launched as an exhibition by Ditto Press Gallery from 4 - 27 July. Come down to the launch party on 3 July at 7pm.