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This app turns your selfies into augmented reality GIFs

The new camera app lets you make digital art-ready GIFs with your humble iPhone

The future isn't filtered, it's chaotic – at least, that's the premise behind camera, a new app that launched earlier this month. Described as an "augmented reality camera", the free-to-download app lets you record video GIFs and layer colourful visual layers on top of the image. It's already built a steady following from its New York launchpad, where it was first conceived by internet collage community, which has close connects with other digital collectives like DIS and #BeenTrill#.

"We were missing tools to gather pieces from our physical surroundings – like pencils and stones that you might have laying on your desk, or drawings that you make on paper," co-founder Nick Dangerfield told us. The resulting GIFs aren't too dissimilar from a digital video artwork you might see in an art gallery – blending the real with the unreal, sea waves wash over suburban cul-de-sacs, and blissfully unaware babies glitter like gold. selected some of their favourite GIFs made with the app for Dazed. Check them out for some digi-real daydreaming inspiration of your own.

You can download the camera on the app store here