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Rasha Kahil releases her third photography book

Anonymity and isolation reign in the Lebanese photographer's latest work

Since we last covered Rasha Kahil's work on the eve of In Your Home, a joint exhibition with Liane Lang back in 2012, the Lebanese photographer has been busy creating her third photography book. The White Room, which is released April 9, is the first in a series of limited-edition, self-published books to come. Whilst staying in a sublet single room in Berlin which has long been rented out to itinerant creatives Kahil was inspired to shoot a series centring around several bodies in varying degrees of nudity and anonymity. Relics in the flat from tenants gone by played a big part in Kahil's visual composition: "I wanted to explore the space as a way of externalizing its occupants' states of mind" she said, "The space is a constant and its objects recurrent, but the anonymous and isolated beings which inhabit the room ultimately never communicate."

The White Room launches April 9 at Long White Cloud, Hackney Road plus an exhibition of selected prints running from April 8-13.