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Beni Bischof
talk to the hand! (2011-12)Beni Bischof

Beni Bischof: meta-manipulation

Sausage models to mutant cats, this Swiss artist modulates kitsch into subversive surfaces

Although Swiss multidisciplinary artist Beni Bischof insists his photos are “simply-made” with cheap cameras and “primitive technique,” the effect is anything but. Bischof appropriates the sleek surface normally reserved for luxury fashion ads only to gleefully puncture through the model’s face with his fingers—exposing the disturbing void beneath—or to deface it, with sausage slice collages.

Inspired by the spirit of Dada, Bischof brings his own ironic distance and spirit of subterfuge to the usual cultural signifiers; not just to shock or pervert, but also to “put a smile on the viewer’s face.” And that he does—with an astonishing array of “handicapped” retro muscle cars and flaming multi-eyed cats in tow. A master manipulator of de-contextualisation, Bischof  tweaks the original images and our associations with them, till they can no longer be separated from their new modified  identity (and reality). 

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