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Diplo's got a zine

The producer and pop-grabber visits Trenchtown for the debut of his new quarterly

Created as a 'country by country, genre by genre' guide, Mad Decent label founder/entrepreneur/Blackberry ambassador,  has collaborated with his trusty photographer Shane McCauley (128 Beats Per Minute) on a new zine series titled 'Blow Your Head'. Out this Autumn, the first issue of the quarterly zine acts as a visual showcase of the duo's travels through Trenchtown and their visits to Tuff Gong Studios, Gee Jam Studios and Sugarman Beach through momentous photographs. Here McCauley tells us about his photographic style and the enthralling journey along the way...

Dazed Digital: What is the best thing about working with Diplo?
Shane McCauley:
Well this wasn't our first or last project. We are working on a bunch of projects at once all the time. I love the traveling obviously. It great to get access to all of these places, people and cultures that I normally probably wouldn't be able to get access to.

DD: Where does the title, 'Blow Your Head' come from?
Shane McCauley: Wes uses it in reference to an old J.B.'s (James Brown) song by the same name. Its sort of a nod to that funk counterculture.

DD: What about the zine format that appeals to you?
Shane McCauley: I first made zines when I was going to punk shows in high school. There was a big zine culture at the time. They were basically xeroxed cut and paste scrapbooks that my friends put together that were sort of the primitive version of what blogs and tumblr is now. So I have a nostalgia for them. I also love making these singular documents about things going on right now in music. It's great to get the chance to make something to shed some visual light on the things that we often just are able to only hear.

DD: Your work has a lot of personality and a lot of the time shooting youth culture - how much of your work is a construct of photography and how much is capturing reality?
Shane McCauley: Actually very little of what I shoot is a construct of photography. When I am shooting for a magazine or a commercial client I am directing my talent. When I am shooting stuff like this, I am barely directing. I am mostly a fly on the wall. I mean, you can't really orchestrate these Dancehall parties. I was just shooting what was in front of me.

DD: What are you listening to at the moment?
Shane McCauley: This changes a lot. My top 5 of the last two weeks: King Tubby, The xx - Co-exist, TNGHT, Jay- Z, Tame Impala- Lonerism

DD: What's next?
Shane McCauley: Blow Your Head Zine Vol. 2 release in Spring 2013 and Blow Your Head short film series coming in November!